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Întotdeauna vin cu drag să ţin cursul de contabilitate la CETEX şi mereu descopăr aici oameni deosebiţi cucare împărtăşesc afinităţi comune pentru profesie, cultură şi valori  fundamentale şi alături de care clădesc cele mai frumoase şi statornice prietenii.

Prof. Emil Horomnea

CETEX-ul este locul în care tot timpul găseşti ceva de învăţat. Cursanţii sunt oameni cu experienţe multiple din diferite domenii de activitate, pentru care perseverenţa, profesionalismul şi performanţa reprezintă obiective prncipale.

Prof. Gheorghe Condurache

MBA-ul din cadrul CETEX este concentrat pe studiul aplicat pe piaţa de afaceri din România. Consider că programul este bine gândit, astfel încât să solicite talentul şi experienţa studenţilor pentru a forma lideri cu abilităţi de luare a deciziilor şi de gândire strategică în afaceri.

Prof. Constantin Sasu

Consider că interacţiunea cu studenţii de la programul MBA organizat de CETEX este o experienţă intensă, care m-a îmbogăţit şi mi-a deschis câteva noi relaţii.

Cristina Simion, Managing Director Edipresse AS, profesor invitat

In fact, to work with CETEX MBA students was a challenging task because they were interested, motivated, willing to go further, to learn and research beyond the limits of class plans or schedules.  It was a pleasure to work with them, and with CETEX team, always available to support teachers and students activities. I only can thank CETEX for such a rewarding experience.

Prof. Maria da Graça Guedes, Minho University

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed my association with the CETEX MBA program.  I have always been impressed with the quality of your students - intelligent and hungry for new knowledge. Working with them through the program has pushed me to rethink my own theoretical approach to change and organizational issues from the eyes of the modern Romanian and European reality. The rethinking has benefitted me and, I hope, the students as well. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with this GREAT management development program.

Prof. Michael Miles, Director, Telfer School of Management University of Ottawa

We collaborate since 1996 and I have had the opportunity to lecture MBA students on various occasions over the 10 years period of the program. During these lectures and our meetings, I realized that the CETEX MBA is a high quality postgraduate program, with diverse fields of specialization and academic staff devoted to continuous improvement and development.     I am certain that the program will continue to grow and provide Romanian and international students the opportunity to discover the wonderful world of management, and express my commitment for continuing our collaboration in the years to come.

Prof. Vassilis Moustakis, Technical University of Chania, Crete

 I learned a lot… about the participants in Iaşi and Bacău, (where my old footing in the “aviation world” versus Aerostar – gave some extra flavour).     It was great to be able to follow a number or student. In one case to as well support the doctoral studies and the successful outcome. Professionally, I am most glad to get to know all the great educational programs, such as the CETEX MBA, put on stream in Romania and especially in the context with the EU accession/membership, such steps play an ever increasing role.      I wish CETEX all Luck and SUCCESS in the FUTURE, NOW that CETEX SOON BECOME a “TEENAGER” with all the associated perspectives.

Prof. Jan Sölin, Stockholm, Sweden

  The students impressed me – they were smart, talented, hard working, and eager to learn. They were also very friendly and made me feel most welcomed. Their papers were extremely well organized and written, long and detailed.     I was impressed by the MBA program – demanding but I know that its requirements and the teaching efforts behind it turned out a very superior product. I congratulate all who had the discipline and fortitude to complete it.

Prof. John A. Swiger School of Business, Our Lady of the Lake University, USA

The MBA represents the bench mark of managerial development throughout the world.   I have been associated with the CETEX MBA since before its inauguration and have watched it progress to its present high status.   The success and happiness of Romania depends on highly trained, innovative and internationally focused managers.  I am confident that the CETEX MBA will continue to fulfil those purposes.

Prof. Michael Wilkinson, University of Oxford, UK